Bishop Paul S. Morton - Be Blessed

Hello MCL Family, so many things are happening! And MCL is moving forward in a most positive directions in so many different areas and we are requesting for each of your prayers on today! Please take a minute of your time and pray for MCL, as we pray for you: PLEASE WE ASK EACH ONE OF YOU TO CLICK ON THIS LINK AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG AS A SHOW OF UNITY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAzIWYpf5EY

The Wall

Feb 21 '18
Please take a few minute of you time and listen to this song that is dedicated to all of the MCL Family!
DBKing Start Up
Feb 22 '18
Aman !Thank you, JESUS !!!
Alejandro Start Up
Feb 27 '18
Gloria al Señor Jesus .por los siglos de los siglos Amen?
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