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We would like to thank in advance each one of you for your support in helping us to help others, we offer to our Top Five (5) invitees these Cash, Gifts and Prizes! 


We have a wonderful Humanitarian Program here at MCL for you that will help meet you at your needs every month, providing you with a hand up and not a handout! A hand out will help you with your problems at that time temporarily, but a hand up will continue to help you for months to come until you are back up on your feet and now a productive member of Society once again. This is what MCL Offers each and every one of our Members. MCL does not discriminate against race, creed, color or national origin that you come from.  We are here literally to help bless all of God's people and bring you out of your Financial Bondage.  To help you get started on your road to recovery we have added this "SPECIAL BONUS" Program for a Special 90-day Membership Priced at three hundred ($300). This includes our special offer for the Top Five (5) Entities that invite the most New Members to join our MCL Humanitarian Services, Social Media Program. Each day it doesn't get any easier for you to come out of your Financial situation.  Look below and see what goals you might want to reach for:


  • *First place to the one that Invites the most new Entities for Start Up - This New 2018 C-Class Mercedes Benz
  • *Second place we offer $10,000 Cash Prize in the form of a MCL Cashiers Check 
  • *Third place we offer $5,000 Cash Prize in the form of a MCL Cashiers Check 
  • *Forth place we offer 50 Inch Flat Screen T.V. 
  • *Fifth place we offer a HP Computer 
  • *Also those who participate will receive 3 Months of FREE Monthly Subscription!


Our desire is to Help meet you at your needs according to God's riches and glory! God gave us a COVENANT, the covenant is a promise!  His promise to us the seeds of Abraham; is that HE would provide us with our needs according to HIS riches and glory and that is exactly what we aim to do!  Then HE goes on to say that HE will also give you the desires of your heart;  therefore we have a monthly cash reward's program to provide you with the necessary funds to help you with whatever your heart's desire maybe; because we all do not desire the same things out of life, Amen.


The Lord has called us to be Helpers One Unto Another and our program prayerfully will teach everyone to do that.  Here are some great opportunities that you will qualify for with just two levels in our Monthly Service Matrix:  


  • *Home Leasing Program with no Credit Check
  • *Automobile Leasing Program with no Credit Check
  • *Make my Home, Home Again Program with no Credit Check


Helping the Homeless, Battered and Abused Women & Children, helping the Elderly 65 and over, helping our Veterans  65 and over to begin their new Life by coming into our MCL Humanitarian Services, Ministry, Club Program totally FREE!  And every time that we bring any of these people in "NEED" into our MCL Humanitarian Services, Ministry, Club totally FREE! It will increase your Monthly Service Matrix and your monthly cash rewards.  


This "Special" is based on MCL signing up 2,500 New Members for our Start up Bonus or 2,500 "DONATION" of just $300.00 or more or a combination of both with the totality of three hundred dollars($300).START UP Membership on our MCL Social Media Platform. This will allow us to start our Monthly Bill Pay Services for next month and our monthly cash rewards that we "GIVE" to our members, per MCL discretion and they are "NOT" earned. MCL and its CEO or Board has the right to change its program, services, rewards or special offers at any given time. All, cash reward's, or special offers are freely given to its members and are not earned other than the top five invitees contest set forth aforementioned. To qualify for the Top Five Invitees contest you must invite a minimum of ten (10) new invitees who have upgraded to our Membership Level of our MCL Humanitarian, Services, Ministry, Club Social Media Platform at the special Three Hundred Dollar ($300) temporary membership rate or with your $300 donation to help someone else in need. Click on Subscription and find "Start Up" Membership or go to the bottom of this page and find "DONATION OF HUMANITY" located at the bottom right hand corner of this page.


NOTICE: Everyone that you invite to join our Membership for the Three Hundred Dollars ($300) special rate: you will receive a One Hundred Dollar($100) Bonus! All bonuses are paid on Friday of each week.
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