Social Media is a "Multi-Billion Dollar" business.  So let's take a minute or two and think about this?  What does your Social Media Platform do for you?  Even though you are apart of who has helped them to become a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation, you didn't receive anything for it!   We would like to pose this question to you:  When was the last time that facebook, twitter, linkedIn, myspace, your favorite dating website or any of the Social Media Platforms out there that you may be apart of, or that you may support; have any of them helped you with any of your monthly bills? When was the last time that Facebook helped you pay your House Note? When was the last time LinkedIn helped you with your Car Note? When was the last time that Twitter helped you with your Electric Bill? Well take a look and see the assistance that we offer here at MCL for our Monthly Subscribers.  So instead of just being able to look at each other's pictures, enjoy each other's music, watch each other's favorite videos, gossip all day long with your family and long lost friends!  We offer five levels of Bill Pay assistance to our Monthly Subscribers to assist them with help in paying their monthly bills. I would rather have some help getting my "BILL'S PAID" then to just sit around all day long and gossip with family and old friends. 


      • Level One of Service - Our MCL Social Media Platform Services, which includes: 
      1. You can upload your favorite Photos and share with your Family & Friends
      2. You can upload your favorite Music and share with your Family & Friends
      3. You can upload your favorite Videos and share with your Family & Friends
      4. You can advertise your Small Business
      5. You can Promote and Sale your own Music in our Music Module
      6. You can promote and Sale your own Productions in our Pay-Per-View System
      7. You can promote and Sale your own Products and Services on our Online Store
      8. You can take your Ministry to a whole new level with Millions of potential viewers


      • Level Two of Services - We offer assistance for our Monthly Subscribers with their:  
          Cell Phone Bill up to $125.00 per month and it does not matter what service provider that you are with. This pays direct deposit. 


        • Level Three of Services - We offer assistance for our Monthly Subscriber with their Utility Bills
        1. Electric Bill up to $300 per month assistance
        2. Gas Bill up to $100 per month assistance
        3. Water Bill up to $50 per month assistance


          • Level Four of Services - We offer assistance for our Monthly Subscribers with their:
          1. Mortgage/Lease/Rent up to $1,000 per month
          2. Automobile Note up to $800 per month
          3. Medical and Dental Insurance up to $2,000 per month


          • Level Five of Services - We offer assistance for our Monthly Subscribers with: 
              Our Legal Assistance Program up to $5,000 per month for any of your legal needs.


                1. This is great for individuals, for any of your personal needs for an Attorney. For individuals, this also covers anyone in your immediate family. We ask you to utilize this service even if you get something simple as a traffic ticket! Because that is what it is there for.


                  2. Ministries, this is good for you to have an Attorney to represent your Ministry should anything come against your Ministry.


                    3. Small Businesses, this is a really good option for you to hire a Legal Representative and place them on retainer, should you need an Attorney for anything that may come up against your Company/Business.      


                  I don't know about you, but most of the people around me, family & friends are struggling!  Living from paycheck to paycheck. Some are barely holding on, clinging to try to make it. Those who are on a Fixed Income struggle every month trying to just make it to the next month.  Foreclosures are at an all-time high, an Automobile is being Repossessed every Five (5) minute of every day!  We live literally in Financial Bondage!


                    Why are we considered the Riches Country in the World and we have a Homeless problem with thousands of people sleeping on our streets every day?  In some States, if you try to feed the homeless, they will throw you in jail!  We have "VETERANS" who are struggling every day!  Living paycheck to paycheck and a lot of them are part of the Homeless situation here in America after giving their lives to fight for our freedom and they can't even get any help or assistance. 


                       Those who are 65 and Older who helped build this Country to make it great! These are the people who worked endless hours in the factories and steel mills that helped keep our Economy going strong and now they are living on Social Security living from paycheck to paycheck struggling every month because they have been ripped off of their pension, retirement and 401k plans.


                        So the question is; who is going to help them?  Who is going to help YOU when you are in the same predicament?  Do you have enough money set aside for your retirement, will it last until the Lord is ready to take you home to be with him?  You know what Ladies and Gentlemen when you are just an everyday average person who goes to works every day, your considered a nobody; and who is going to look out for you when you need a helping hand? Nobody cares!  If you are Famous, a Celebrity or a former Celebrity or somehow by chance, you were able to get your name in the News, you might be able to get plenty of help. But if you are just that everyday hard working American and you need assistance you cannot get help from almost anyone!  This is where MCL becomes your best friend!  With our profits and funding sources, we here at MCL reach out to those who are in need of a humble helping hand. The more people that we help that are in need, the more it helps everyone in our Monthly Bill Pay Program. This is truly the more you GIVE, the more you shall RECEIVE at it's finest! 


                        Please join us at My Covenant Love (MCL) and let us help you out of your Financial Bondage!  This is what our Social Media Platform was designed for, not just a place for everyone to go gossip or meet a girl or boy, but to help you out of your financial situation.   


                          NOTICE:  Our program does "NOT" require you to "RECRUIT" people for you to get help with our Bill Pay Assistance Program every month, nor does it require you to "PURCHASE PRODUCT" each month just to continue to receive help in our Bills Pay Assistance Program every month.  Once you have invited Seven (7) Members to join our monthly subscription membership, that's all you have to do and YOU'RE DONE! At this point moving forward all that you are required to do; is just pay your Monthly Subscription for the Services that we render to our Monthly Subscribers and you "WILL" continue to get your Bill's PAID every month; per the five (5) levels of service that we provide in our service matrix.


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