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Hello family and friends; we know that it has been hard on our Economy in the past few years!  Well, when its hard on our economy, it makes it hard on the American people as well.  So we are here to help! We are here to be Helpers One Unto Another. We are a Ministry that has established a Humanitarian Program to help as many as we can of those in need.  We ask for your Support because; you will never know what your One Dollar might do or who it may help.  If one dollar doesn't hurt you, it sure can help someone else! Will you please donate a Dollar or two so that it can help someone else need?  

  • Creating Assistance for so many in need through our generous form of giving. From the heart, 
  • The first Social Media Platform that you know of that is a Ministry with Humanitarian and Monthly Bill Pay Services
  • We raise money through Products & Services, Film and Music Productions as well  
  • This could be you or one of your Family Members who may need help 
  • This is the only *SMP that helps you with your Monthly Bills, Cell Phone, Mortgage/Lease/Rent, Auto, Medical & Dental...
  • $300 Electric, $100 Gas, $50 on Water per month and much more for our Monthly Subcribers!
  • What Does your favorite Social Media Platform do for you?

    We thank everyone for your support because we raise money on our own to help those in need.  A dollar or two from you, maybe the dollar or two that may keep someones light from being turned off, someone Car from being repocessed, even someones House from going into Foreclosure. 


    Please press that donation button and give someone in need a dollar.  Let's all become Helpers One Unto Another!  Thank you from MCL and all of those in need.  

    *NOTE: Social Media Platform (SMP)
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